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Centre for Energy Studies & Policy Analysis is a centre for excellence promoted by Society of Energy Engineers and Managers. The Society of Energy Engineers and Managers (SEEM) is the national professional body of certified energy managers and auditors in India, formed in the year 2005 as a non-governmental and a not-for-profit organization registered under the Charitable Societies' Act. The basic objective of SEEM is to provide energy conservation and knowledge-based energy efficiency services to all sectors of the economy and provides a network between business, government, academia and utilities for information exchange, capacity building and leadership development. Throughout these years, SEEM has been active in different spheres of professional uplift namely professional training, awareness campaigns, advocacy and networking. Since its inception in 2005, SEEM has successfully conducted several capacity building and professional development programs for the technical and management professionals as well as representatives of the policy making bodies. Through this process, SEEM has acquired the capability and expertise to flawlessly organize and deliver high quality training programs to any segment within the Indian energy economy.

Realising the gap in information dissemination - absence of a print magazine on energy management, SEEM embarked on the venture to publish a print magazine and an e-newsletter by creating a separate publication wing - the Energy Press (EP). EP, since 2008 has successfully published 12 issues of "energy? manager" magazine and 36 issues of e-newsletter, the 'energy snippets'. The successful experience with EP and realizing the need to fill the gap in providing structured in-service training courses, motivated SEEM to create a distinct identity for its training and professional development activities so as to enable the organization to spearhead and deliver innovative and more focused activities in this area to a wider audience.

The institute would conduct both offline and online training programs (or as a combination of both) for technical and management professionals in a structured format, including sector specific and general topics. The curriculum will include a fixed number of mandatory modules and a few elective modules. Credits can be acquired after successfully completing each module, and will accumulate and lead to a professional certification after acquiring the prescribed number of credits within a flexible time frame.


Industry Synergetic Training Series “Sharpening Your Saw”

SYS I - STEAM SYSTEM - 11 November 2011, Armstrong International INC.,Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu

SYS II - PUMPING SYSTEM - 22 December 2011, M/S Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
SYS III - THERMAL POWER PLANT - November 2011 (Tentative) , National Power Training Institute (NPTI), Faridabad

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